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Two of the biggest players in this field in the UK are Travel Supermarket and Teletext Holidays, which are known to offer the real prices at all times.TravelSupermarket and Teletext are also a gateway to late holidays which are at the same time a lot cheaper than they used to be. Also, these compete for providing the lowest prices possible.

Find Cheapest Holidays for Summer 2016

Updated 28 Jan 2016
Welcome to Lollipop Travel! Brits Favorite Bargain Travel Guide. Please also read our lollypop 2016 Holidays Page.

Are you looking for a cheap holiday that not only meets your expectations, but exceeds them? Lollipop Holidays aims to help Brits to find and plan their perfect holiday, whilst sticking within their budget. Whether you want to relax on a beach in Tenerife, explore the waters surrounding Mexico, enjoy a cultural break in India, or head off on an adventure holiday in Brazil, we can help you!

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lollipop holidays 2016 .

We aim to become the UK’s number one site for cheap holiday planning, so we make sure to research everything that we recommend to you. Look around our website and read through our destination guides, then browse the deals on offer. With so many options available to you, you are spoiled for choice.  

Lollipop Travel Destinations

 We have written guides to many of the world’s top tourist destinations to help you decide where to visit. If you want to go somewhere warm, yet not have to spend hours sitting on a plane, check out our guides to destinations in the Mediterranean. If you want to head abroad for a winter sun holiday, check out our guides on destinations in South America and the Caribbean. We also have holiday guides to states in the USA, and Asian destinations like Dubai and Japan. Travelling doesn’t need to be expensive! 

 Cheap Lolly Prices for 2016!

With many Brits still feeling the knock on effects of the recession, we understand how hard it is to save your hard earned pennies. That’s why we are here to help you to cut costs on your holiday, without sacrificing on quality.

 The destinations that we recommend, and the companies that we praise, have all been chosen specifically for their budget prices and high quality service. You shouldn’t need to spend thousands of pounds to enjoy a holiday abroad, and we understand that. We hope that you will find our Lollipop Holidays website useful, and that you will have an amazing holiday. 


Our Best Recommendations for Really Cheap Holidays this Summer:

Lollipop Travel offers you an excellent search feature and is a most efficient comparison website. We are specialised in low cost travel and this is what you will get. Thus, we are very different from the mainstream agencies, which offer holidays for standard or inflated prices. There are certain partnerships between companies that make low prices possible in the tourism field.


No Compromise in the Service 

Many people harbour the fear that a much cheaper holiday (especially one that is reduced with as much as 70% off the original price) will come with some serious drawbacks. This is not the case. Travel agencies and the various providers in the tourism industry compete for your attention and for your appreciation. They want you to buy from them and not from others. This is why they will strive to provide attractive packages for lower prices. We bring these lower prices straight to you!

You will still be getting those amazing all-inclusive packages or whatever it is that you are planning for. There are the same top-class airlines and world-renowned destinations to enjoy. Thus, there is absolutely no compromise: you won't be dealing with any second-class tourist spot or with a lousy airline or hotel.


Comparing: It's Like Knowing All the Agencies at Once 

When you are using a comparison site, it is like seeing ALL the travel agencies out there. Instead of going through so many websites, hoping to locate a bargain, you will have just the data you need, right in front of your eyes.


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