Cheap Package Holidays Booking Guide

Tips to Save Money on Package Holidays

A holiday package gives you all you need for your tour. A holiday package includes the flights, connections, accommodation and all you need for your tour. Many people wonder if they should get a holiday package for their trip or if they should just deal book a DIY flight and a hotel from the internet.
Packgage Holidays
ATOL or Air Travel Organizers’ licensing protects you when you book a holiday with a United Kingdom travel insurance company. ATOL protected travel insurance companies ensures that you don’t your money you paid even if the travel company shuts down. Holiday packages usually have ATOL customer protection covered.
You can create your own protected holiday package.

As the ATOL system has now been altered, holiday packages aren’t the only way you could get protected by ATOL system. If you’ve booked a flight and a hotel or hired a car together (or) within 24 hours from the same travel website (except airlines), you can still get protected by the ATOL system. Unfortunately, you can’t get covered by the ATOL system if you are with just DIY holidays. So, it is highly unlikely that you’re going to get your money back unless the transaction is over £100.Hammock on a tropical beach

If your flight was delayed by at least 3 hours or if it was cancelled due to some reasons, you will get compensated with an amount of £210 – £505 per head. Also, booking your holiday package exactly at eight to ten weeks before departure is one of the best ways to save money, as the bargains roll out at that time. It’s because the tour operators/travel agencies they charter the planes and reserve the rooms, if they doesn’t get in them, they are going to lose money. So, they try to get back their investment in the last days. Sometimes, you might also get dirt cheap prices for awesome trips if you’ve booked it before a week or so.
Also, booking the holiday package very earlier is a good idea. But, you need to book your holiday package at least nine months in advance. It’s because most travel agencies offer early booking offers. Usually, they offer £100 per couple discounts or buy-one and get-one-free week offers. If you’re on a tight budget, it is advisable to book your holiday package on usual time like before school holidays or you can go to a family destinations such as Florida for a cheaper price. Also, the price of holiday packages falls very low at the end of august or the early September.

The most important thing you will need to keep in mind is,tour operators like Teletext are the people who make holiday packages, but travel agents/commission agents re-sell them to you. So, to get the package for the cheapest price, you need to find out the travel agent who resells it for the lowest like, Thomas Cook.

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Here are some tips you must consider before planning for a trip.

  • Picking your holiday destination

First, pick the most suitable holiday spot and fetch all the details you will need to. Make sure that your destination is within your budget. As you know, worrying about how to pay on a holiday you’re going to spend a year isn’t relaxing, it frustrates. Don’t get cheated by the travel agents, you can find out the most reasonable price everyone is offering in the internet and understand how much does a trip cost to your desired destination. Grabbing brochures of travel agents in the internet is also a lifesaver sometimes.

  • Don’t stick to the internet, it’s always sketchy.

You can get the accurate price on the internet for your holiday package, but it isn’t very recommendable to get covered by internet travel agents as many people get cheated, sometimes couldn’t claim the money. It is advisable to find the reasonable prices on the internet and talk to the real travel agents in the real life instead of the internet which is far better than trusting a website. If you had to do it, you can just google the travel agent you came across on the internet and find out customer experiences. Travel agents don’t really like the impolite customers, try being polite while you’re asking for a bargain, as it’s completely negotiable.

  • Haggle down your holiday package price, as much as you can.

So, you’ve picked your holiday destination. It’s time to find the travel agents who sell the same holiday package for cheaper price. You can always find the real, accurate price for your holiday destination on the internet. Then, you will need to take brochures or classifieds in the newspaper, radio, TV to find the travel agents who sell the same holiday package for cheaper price.
You can easily get the cheapest price to go to your desired holiday spot by following the tips mentioned above. Happy travelling! Thank you for reading.