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Over 700 islands full of swaying palm trees, golden beaches, crystal clear waters, rum cocktails, and hammocks for siestas; the Caribbean is a top tourist destination, and it’s not hard to see why. Whether you are travelling alone, as part of a couple, or with your family, you are guaranteed to have an amazing time in the Caribbean, as the islands offer something for everyone. Want to know what to expect from a Caribbean holiday? Keep reading.

When to Visit

The weather is at its coolest in the Caribbean between December and April, and this is generally classed as the peak season. May to October is much warmer and stickier, and heavy, yet short, downpours are common. June to September is the official hurricane season, though it is worth checking the storm charts when planning your holiday, as not every island in the Caribbean is affected by hurricanes, and the odds of encountering one at all are pretty slim.

Tropical beach a piece of paradise

Getting There

A number of carriers offer flights to the Caribbean islands, and it is also possible to book a package holiday through a company which will sort out all of the transportation for you. Unless you are visiting one of the main islands, such as Antigua or St Kitts for example, you may need to take an inter-island flight upon arrival, in order to meet your destination.

The Islands

As mentioned above, the Caribbean is home to over 700 islands, so no matter what you are looking for from your holiday, you are sure to find somewhere perfect. Some of the main islands in the Caribbean are described below:


Antigua – The typical Caribbean island, Antigua is an incredibly beautiful place. The shores are lined with white sand and turquoise waters, and the easy going lifestyle and friendly islanders make this a wonderful place to relax and chill out. Antigua is especially well known for sailing, and is home to the islands’ regatta.

Barbados – Some of the best restaurants and hotels in the Caribbean can be found in Barbados. The beaches are varied, and offer a good mix of relaxation and action. Barbados is full of attractions, and you should definitely enjoy a game of cricket whilst visiting; there is a cricket pitch in almost every village.

Dominican Republic – Large all-inclusive hotels are the norm here, making the Dominican Republic the ideal choice for families. There are numerous upmarket facilities here too, such as gourmet restaurants and golf courses, which have attracted wealthier tourists. There is lots to see and explore on this island.

Grand Cayman – Grand Cayman has a good reputation for being a safe island, so is a popular choice for female tourists and young families. The Cayman Islands in general are popular with the dive community, so if you want to swim through magnificent shipwrecks, or around stunning reefs, these are the islands to head to.

St Kitts – If you want to get back to nature, St Kitts is the island to visit. Ramshackle rum shacks, sweaty rainforest hikes, and beautiful plantation houses are the norm here. If you want a bit more from your holiday than relaxation on a beach, this is the island for you.

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