Lollipop 2016 Holiday Destinations: Sorrento

Sorrento is a small city situated in Campania. The south western part of Italy is known as Campania. The city is home to about 16500 people. And it’s a popular tourist destination in Italy. The Circumvesuviana rail service is the most preferred way of reaching Sorrento. Ferryboat services are also present in abundance. The city hosts expensive and luxurious hotels and many a time famous personalities have found their way to Sorrento to enjoy its spectacular and breath taking views. Casual drinkers might be aware of the fact that Sorrento is the base for production of Limoncello, an alcoholic beverage.

Like mentioned earlier, the usual methods of getting to this city include train, by bus, by car, by boat. Tourists intending to visit the place can reach Naples through airway and make their way to Sorrento by the methods mentioned above. Water transport is a whole lot faster than the others. And it’s expensive too. But it’s worth all that is being spent, because of the magnificent views. Generally buses are the preferred mode of transport. Getting around and about the city is mainly accomplished by walking, cabs and as usual buses.


Some of the places worth sightseeing and enjoying are listed in here. The Lemon terraces are the foremost. Many also favor the Marina Picolla. This is a small port city.  Sorrento also has a natural reserve and it’s named Puntacampanella. Ruins are also found in Cappo Di Sorrento. The ruins of Villa Pollio are worth seeing. A picture gallery can also be found in here and it’s known as Museo Correale di Terranova. Locally supplied arts are hosted in Museo Bottega della Tasia  lignea. Archeological Museum of Sorrento is also a favorite visiting spot of archeology students. The Duomo Cathedral and the St.Francis Monastry also attracts devotees. Basilica si san Antonio is quite famous too.


Like mentioned earlier the Limoncello is mainly produced in here. Visitors get a chance to see how it is produced and ultimately they will know why the drink is quite famous. A cake by the name of Pastiera is also produced in here that is delicious to eat. Another hallmark is the Olive oil produced in Sorrento. Dishes with tomatoes and cheese, which is reminiscent of modern age pizzas, can also be tasted in here. The place even features a photo gallery of the pizzas ever produced in there. Accommodation is also varied and primarily depends upon the cash reserve of the visitor.