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Turkey, a country full of history, resorts, beaches and delicious cuisines should not be visited in a rush. There is a lot to witness in the country and therefore you need to have ample amount of time so that you can visit the major tourist attractions. You are free to pick your favourite beach resort and go on long rides with your friends or family. It is the only country that lies both in Europe and Asia and therefore its culture is very diverse. You will also find Asian culture as well as European trends in the country that will increase your craving for staying a bit longer. All you need to do is plan your holidays online so that you can get appropriate deals for your money.   

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Some Amazing Places to See in Turkey: 

This unique region of volcanic landscapes and rock-carved was largely forgotten by the Western world until rediscovered by a French priest, who published his vast research in the 1930s and 1940s. Its renown has now spread worldwide, and Cappadocia has become one of the most visited and photographed areas of Turkey.

The tourist season generally runs from April to November, but the place always looks lovely in the winter months when there is usually a coating of snow on the fairy chimneys. These chimneys were formed by the effects of wind, snow and rain erosion over the course of millennia, on the soft porous volcanic rock called tufa. Unlike the harsh greys and blacks associated with most volcanic rock, the tufa has shades of yellow, pale grey, mauve, pink and umber, reflecting its mineral richness.



Pamukkale (Pamuk-alay) means ‘cotton castle' in Turkish, and it is a most appropriate name. This huge natural travertine fountain is one of the country’s most famous attractions and one of its most beautiful and spectacular landscapes.

Terraces of shallow limestone pools the shape of oyster shells cling to the hillside like a giant, stepped pool against the blue sky. From a distance it looks like piles of raw cotton; close up, the limestone is brilliant white and its edges glitter like diamonds-so don’t forget your sunglasses! It is an overnight trip inland from the Mediterranean coast, but well worth a visit.  

Nemrut Dagi 

This is easily one of eastern Turkey’s best-known sites, the weird colossal stone heads set on a remote mountaintop. Historically Nemrut Dagi has almost no significance. It is no more than a vast funeral monument to the ruler of a small local dynasty who suffered delusions of grandeur. But for all that, it is astonishing and unlike anything else in the world.