Winter Holidays in the Sun - Hot Places to Go

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Is winter a season when you get lazy and would hardly leave the comfort of your home? You would better think twice about this. Being passive in the cold season can lead to depressive moods. You can do yourself good and exchange the bad weather and grey settings with a summery sunny beach. It is all just a flight away.

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Choosing Paris or Madrid as a winter escape destination may not be the best idea because the weather is tricky. We offer you some better suggestions – some of the best and safest bets out there:


Tourists describe it as a place of blinding luxury. Apart from its brand new skyscrapers, Dubai enjoys a hot climate all year round. It has boomed in recent years as a touristic location. It differs from other sunny destination through its vibe – it is fast, vibrant, compelling. This is not your classic sun-and-beach holiday.



Marrakesh in Morocco combines history, ethnic wonders and exotic architecture with the warmth of a southern destination. The city in the desert offers accommodation in excellent boutique hotels with modern facilities. At the same time, you can get to know the local culture. You can sample the rural lifestyle. At your hotel, you may relax in the pool and see the distant mountains covered in snow – a wonderful contrast. There is beauty, culture, history and comfort in Marrakesh. There’s more of the good news: many low-cost airlines fly here.


Greece, Malta, Cyprus, Turkey and Egypt are also safe (and highly rewarding) as “winter sun” destinations. With the more European locations, however, you have to be careful about the month you book in. The closer to spring, the better! The climate tends to be a little colder during the winter months, but if you go, for example for southern Greek islands or for the southern coast of Turkey you could have a lovely sunny trip. Before booking anything, consult with several travel agents or use a highly trusted comparison site to show you the deals. You may boom early on, but you may also wait for the last-minute offers. Sometimes the prices are spectacularly low, especially if you are using a comparison site to search for these discounted offers.