Travelling With Kids – Survival Guide

Travelling with Kids: The Definite Do’s and Don’ts

Summer school holidays approaching and manyfamilies will go holiday, mostly abroad. Travelling with your kids is a great bonding experience, with many magical and endearing moments. It can help you see the world in very colourful shades, through their innocent eyes. Nevertheless, there will be times when they will drive you mad, still. How about that moment when you are running late for the boarding and your child wants to go to the toilet immediately?

 travelling with kids

Do: Communicate with Your Partner at All Times

If you are travelling with your significant other, don’t just assume they did this and that. Do not assume they already did everything for a child. There have been many cases in which both spouses assumed the child was brought inside the hotel by the other, but the kid was actually forgotten inside the car. Your partner may simply forget some duties. The various worries or the simple travel exhaustion can make one absent-minded for a short while. Do not count on them that they did something unless you have actually communicated about that particular thing.

Do: Take Extra Clothes and Supplies

We’re not telling you to double your luggage, just add an extra set of clothes for your kids, but for yourself as well and have these quickly available. You never know when they decide to make a mess – and honestly, they can be so creative with that!

Do: Keep Children Away from Your Packing

Never leave your luggage at the mercy of your kids. They will always want to get involved and have their say by adding some things you don’t need. It’s very frustrating when this happens. Lock the suitcases and be clear about this matter. Avoid leaving these in their sight. Kids can provide you with terrible surprises – they may even take out some very necessary items to replace them with their toys. Do ask them what is their favourite toy they wish to have for the trip and pack that one.

Do Not: Restrict Access to Technology

Many parents make the mistake of forbidding their children to use iPhones, iPads and similar gadgets during a trip. “This is our time off, stop doing what you usually do!”, they say. However, playing on a smartphone or checking the web can be a great pastime when you queue or wait for your flight. When not busy or distracted by this, your kid might throw a tantrum. Do not deprive them of this simple fun.

Do Not: Assume Your Children Are Perfect Angels

 It’s very tempting to just let the kids roam free andenjoy their holiday time. However, while they’re at it, they may cause some serious trouble to other vacationers. To you, they may be delightfully playful and energetic, but to others they could easily be a nuisance. Don’t risk having some angry adults come over to reproach how your kids are ruining their holiday. Make sure you know where your kids are and what they are doing. Try to be empathic with other travellers. Do not let your kids wake people up from their sleep, pull their hair or other silly little things you may enjoy when they do them.