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Holiday Comparison Sites in the UK: Why and How to Use Them
A holiday comparison website acts as a holiday deal finder. One of the best parts about this is that these sites are also updated daily, which means that, whenever you go for a search, you will get the latest valid offers. Comparison sites were created as a natural response to the many needs of consumers in the UK. Two main needs are that of escaping the hectic day-to-day life and that of using as little time as possible for finding a holiday.

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If you have never used travel comparison sites by now, you may want to know that these help you save a great deal of time and, ultimately, money. Also, you could be much better informed than the average tourist.
How Do They Work?
You may think of a travel comparison site as a search engine for your travel packages to buy, but also for all the separate parts of a vacation: flights, accommodation, car hire. You may see it as an agent actually. You will still buy each product separately from the provider, if you choose such separate products. This means the prices, the terms and conditions are up to each individual provider.

Understand, Browse, Compare, Buy

 With a comparison site you can go through the whole stages of the process. First of all, you need to see where you can go. This might expand your horizons – perhaps you will discover plenty of other destinations to suit your tastes, which might be closer to home, more accessible or more interesting.


Compare Cheap Holiday Deals

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 You can find out the latest most popular ski or summer resorts – the trends are there for you to read about, in case you want to go where most people go. On the other hand, you could avoid the crowds and find the more isolated spots. Once you know which place is more suitable to you, you may keep on browsing to find similar ones or just stick to your first choice. Then, see the existing deals for that particular destination and decide for the most beneficial one. Comparing will come so easily now with this online tool. Once you have seen how each offer fares, you can call it a closed case and purchase the most convenient deal.

More than Just the Deals: Avoiding Holiday Failures

If you are in need on insurance information, on details about destinations and specific resorts or routes, airlines, hotels, luggage, packing, money tips and so on, look no further than this. A good comparison site has much more than the search/browse function. It acts as a resource for the traveller. It can tell you all about the timing also. For example, you may want to know which places are best to visit in November or December. Also, you will find out which tropical resorts to avoid in summer, due to excessive heat, or which destinations are going through the rainy season in your favourite holiday month. You will know the sure way to avoid holiday failures.


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GoCompare is well known and trusted comparison site in the UK. Most people use their services to find insurance deals and other products. Go Compare also provides a comparison tool for holidays. Their travel page is worth to check before you book your holiday. We recommend GoCompare Holidays. - Ice lolly has great deals on all inclusive holidays, flights, hotels, and package holidays. Choose from numerous destinations, board types, departure airports, and more, and find the cheapest deals for your preferred dates within minutes. Subscribers to the Icelolly site can receive email notifications of the offers of the week, and last minute holidays can be booked in seconds on Ice lolly - Travel SuperMarket is a well known website, and that’s one of the reasons why we recommend it. Over the years Travel Supermarket has helped many UK travellers to save money on the cost of their holiday. You can compare the prices of flights, hotels, car hire companies and package deals, and then choose the option that is best for you. Everything from summer holidays to winter sun breaks can be found on this website.

So what are you waiting for? Browse through our destination guides and look through our deals. The sooner you settle on a location, the sooner you can start planning the holiday of your dreams.