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Are you planning to go to an awesome beach in your holidays? Here are our few recommendations to Brits. Many people spoil their travel experience by buying holiday packages from cheap quality travel brokers and financial issues. Instead, you can go to a beach which is close to you, saves you money, and we will find out for you and tell you who’s providing the best, high quality holiday package to a certain beach for an affordable price. Read on to know more about the best beaches to visit on holidays for the UK holidaymakers…

Spanish Beaches

Even though tourists are all through the year in Spanish islands, the virginity and beauty of the Spanish islands and the mainland remains intact. The beaches are clean and beautiful and its shores are washed gently by ripples of water. Moreover, nothing beats a sun bath near the beaches. The most important reason why tourists flock to Spanish beaches is that they all are unique in one way or the other. The common attributes, however, include rich marine life, crystal clear water, etc.

The opportunity for water sports in Spanish beaches is aplenty. Sailing, snorkelling, scuba diving, deep sea fishing, etc. are just to name a few. You will find enough options to keep you busy throughout the holidays.

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For beginners, there are water sports training centers. These centers impart world class training in swimming, diving, and sailing. It is always safer to undergo a crash course from these centers even for the experienced swimmers. Spanish coastlines can never be monotonous for any diver. Every dive, they get to uncover new delights. That is the richness of the under water treasure.

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There is something to cheer for the nudists and naturists. Nudism is perfectly legal in Spain. However, there are separate beaches earmarked for nudists. A further division is made into gay beaches and mixed nudist beaches. Dead Man�s Beach is one such gay nudist beach. Though it is not possible to lay down general rules of nudism, you need to check and confirm with the local nudist rules so as not to offend them.

 Beach tourism is not just about relaxing in beaches. Many coastal islands have an ecological importance. It is also an ideal place for diehard wildlife and nature lovers. Take a walk through these places and you will understand the difference. The best time to go for a walk is early morning. As the veil of the morning haze lifts, the chirping sounds of birds are heard which will take you to a different world, perhaps the most natural music you have ever heard in your life!


Turkey Beaches

The aqua water park has unlimited activities lined up for everyone. From crazy rides to soothing water rides this park has everything one needs to refresh their minds, body and soul. This is a hot favorite amongst tourists and people flock in numbers to have a holiday. The place has many hotels and small houses that are given on rent for tourists. The main revenue her is the tourism industry and tourists keep coming back because the place has a lot to offer. The beach is full of different activities with the constant blurring of the waves and the gush of wind that whispers so many things into our ears.


Another beach is the Kusadasi beach in Ephesus itself where historical monuments and the beach attract people in large numbers. This beach has caught up with popularity very recently. It still needs a few more hotels that need to come up in this place. The beaches here are calm and pleasant. Every beach here has a story of its own. Some are quite and tranquil whereas others are full of the hustle bustle from the activities that keep taking place here.  In fact some quite beaches often are more soothing. The silence of the beach and the gushing of the waves have a calming effect on the body and the mind and we forget all our worries to enjoy nature at its best. Every beach here has a story of its own and is beautiful in its own way.

Cyprus Beaches

Paphos, the once capital of Cyprus, has two main spots- Kato Pafos and Kitma. Kato Pafos is the lower part of the town where one can be close to the sea and beach activities. Kitma, the upper part is a serene place with spectacular sights of the sea. The Paphos international airport is the gateway to the hidden pleasures in the island. Paphos tourism is well supplemented by this airport which is the second largest airport in the island.

Cyprus written on sandy beach   Colourful Limassol, Cyprus, on stones

 A main attraction in Paphos is the Pachyammos Beach or the Pachyammos Bay.. It is a narrow beach which is smooth and sandy. It is a fun filled spot with lots of beach activities and facilities. The Blue Flag status and proximity to the Paphos airport makes it a favorite among the tourists.

Famous among the beaches in Cyprus is the Phinikoudes Beach. Also known as the Larnaca Promenade, the Phinikoudes Beach is particularly pleasant for an evening stroll. The word Phinikoudes refers to small palm trees that were planted in 1922 which have now grown into big palm trees. The grey sandy beach with its cool and moderate weather, has a number of cafes, restaurants, bars, and hotels. There are quite a large number of medium to small markets close to the beach. The scenic beauty is enhanced by the green areas, colourful flowers and the weather.


Following international standards in beach facilities like showers, toilets, changing rooms, umbrellas and sun beds with water sports and lifeguards on duty are another specialty of the beach.  The clean sea is usually calm and the waves are generally mild. With its panoramic beauty, Phinikoudes Beach is the perfect destination for spending a beach holiday.

Other Good Beach Holiday Destinations

Santa Maria Island, the Azores.

If you’re of a kind of person who hates crowded beaches, then this is one of the best beaches you will ever find so close to the United Kingdom. Don’t miss out the wild, dense woods, astonishing landscapes, and wonderful nature reserves! If you miss this wonderful experience, trust me, you are going to regret it at some point of your life.

Santa Maria Island is home to the one of the oldest hotels still standing and serving its customers. The hotel, Vila do Porto, built in the 15th century in the capital city at that time gives you an amazing experience. There are high-class hotels, pools, bars in Santa Maria Island.

Adriatic Coast, Albania.

If you’ve already visited the Santa Marina Island or if you don’t like to go there, Adriatic Coast is the best alternative. It’s the second best beach for the people of the United Kingdom because unlike the other beaches, Adriatic coast isn’t polluted by the tourists yet! This beach hasn’t been spoiled by the tourists because of its very long coast which lengths up to 380 miles. Interestingly, you can find numerous ruins of the Roman Empire.

This is one of the most peaceful beaches near to the United Kingdom. This beach isn’t really crowded anytime in the year. Luckily, there are numerous English-speaking guides who are highly skilled in explaining you the significance of important places on the Adriatic Coast.

Get ready to experience awesome yoga and Pilate’s retreats, the lodges conducts over 3 yoga classes a day followed by a one hour massage. You can also go to the surfing classes available in numerous places on the Adriatic Coast.

Cote Ocean, France.

Actually, Cote Ocean is a renowned resort in the Angoulins located on the Atlantic coast, France. This resort is well-constructed with 20 apartments. You can pick your room from a single bedroom suite to a four bedroom villa which is just 200mts away from the sea!! The resort is at a walkable distance to the beach, which made it to stand strong in the third best place in our list of beaches for holidays for the people of the United Kingdom.

Marina di Venezia, Italy.

Eurocamp’s Marina Di Venezia is a holiday park located very close to the Ca Savio Beach in Italy. You can experience the taste of Italian culture along with a lot of recreation. This holiday park is very close to the ferry port at Punta Sabbioni. Luckily, this park is just minutes away from one of the most beautiful cities, the Venice. You can find diving schools, restaurants, hairdressers, supermarkets, whatnot! This is one of the best places a tourist will ever go to!

We hope you will make a wise decision which saves you money without compromising the luxury travel experience. You can always contact us to get some golden tips before you go for your holiday!

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