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Cheap Late Deal Holidays


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If you plan to travel cheap outside the UK, you should not fear being late. In fact, it can be highly beneficial to let the time pass and book late. The following will show you when travel packages become cheaper and what you can do if individual tourism is your thing.

WHY You Can Book Cheaper Holidays as Last-Minute Deals?

 The reason is actually very simple. Travel agencies have a certain number of packages to sell. When they don't manage to sell everything, they will be obliged to fill out the empty places. The same goes with airlines and hotels. Thus, they will cut the price to make it more affordable and attractive to travellers.  

WHEN You Should Go for the Late Deals

Some say that getting a good late deal can happen 8 weeks ahead of the departure. In other cases, it can be only one week before. It depends on what kind of holiday you are aiming for and on the destination and season.

Please see Holidays 2016 and  Thomas Cook offers.


As far as touristic packages are concerned, bargains appear 8 to 10 weeks before the departure. If you book at this time, it will still ensure you a satisfying degree of flexibility. You will have more customization options. The longer you wait, the fewer these become.

Cheap package Holiday Deals

All inclusive Holidays

late deal Holidays

Summer Destinations

For great deals on hot summer spots, wait for the end of the season. The last 2 weeks of summer holidays are always the cheapest. The end of August and the first weeks of September are the ideal times to have a cheap vacation. The discounts can mean hundreds of pounds for a package. In general, it is advantageous to take a vacation when the vast majority of people can't do that. They crowd touristic destinations in full season.

The Destination Matters

Packaged holidays can come very cheap when you opt for a trendy destination out of season or when you go for a rather unknown one, even in full season. Many countries in the world have amazing beaches, splendid mountains and great touristic facilities. You don't have to go where everyone goes.


Tips for Individual Tourists

 When you are booking all by yourself, it all comes down to the time and effort you put into it. You can be lucky with your flight, as some airlines offer last-minute bargains to occupy the empty seats. If you are alone, hotels might oblige you to pay for the single supplement. It isn't always such a good idea to make booking by yourself, unless you really know what you are doing and you are not new to doing this. Packaged holidays will always get you more discounts.  

Keep these tips in mind for the next time you wish to book a holiday. Your travel agent can get you a discounted package even when you are seriously late. The reasoning behind these discounts were explained above. Just remember to not be too late either, especially in case you are picky and it's important for you to have certain options and flexibility.  


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