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Lollipop Sun Holidays - Cheap Sunshine for Brits


By Susan Jones  14 Jun 2014

We feel lucky when we have a full week of sunshine in the United Kingdom. If you would like to find out 300+ days a year sunshine destinations please read below our Picks. 

Going Abroad for Sunshine

People travel for various reasons. Some travel for business, while some others travel for leisure. In all of this we are always on the lookout for the best deals and more importantly good service. Inevitably to turn to a tour and travel organizer to help you figure out you entire itinerary from the time you step out of your home till you reach your destination.  


Ibiza Holidays in the Sun

San Antonio has an assortment for adolescent and old adventurers and night-lifer and is actually acclaimed in the Mediterranean for its accepted and arresting resorts and dusk cafe's. The a lot of accessible time of the year is from Baronial to September area foreigners from Europe mostly bang into anniversary added in the spirit of this place, an action and thrills alone this abode can offer. Plan an arrangement anniversary San Antonio now and see for yourself what you acclimated to apprehend on magazines are in fact what you will experience.

Cheap Sunshine Holiday Deals

All inclusive Holidays in the Sun Sun Holidays

Things to view

The coastlines are mostly apple-pie with approach copse to abduction it's grandeur. Although, its anchorage bedeviled with dusk cafe's are a lot of approved out. Area foreigners and even the locals wouldn't wish to absence the arresting of the dusk agitated with a cocktail or two. There are abounding acclaimed landmarks and architect like the Calo des' Moro, which is just 10 accounts abroad from the boondocks proper. You can bang off your walking shoes and dive into one of the water sports they are alms in their safe and bank waters. Or bang off a day or two at Cala Conta, Cala Bassa or Cala Tarida cruise forth in their accomplished ferries or big boats.

ibiza sun holidays

Where to reside

San Antonio has the entire apartment that apparel you�re every needs. Mind you these hotels action online reservations. Book aboriginal and get an arrangement anniversary San Antonio. A lot of the hotels are abreast these accepted dusk strips. Make alacrity and book aboriginal so you can get on advanced with the hustle and bustle of the season. Let the breathtaking adorableness abduction your every fantasy and wallow into the time of authentic vacation and relaxation. Tag forth those digital for souvenirs and put on that absolute vacationer smile, alone actuality on San Antonio.

Although you can as well get arrangement holidays by booking aboriginal still the best way to get the everyman amount is by abrogation bookings until the endure minute and snapping up a arrangement Ibiza holiday. It will advice if you're adjustable on dates.

If you book your Ibiza club tickets in beforehand abounding clubs accomplish a club bus which picks up from spots beyond the island and takes you to the venue, extenuative on auto fares. Inquire at admission outlets in Ibiza for details.

Alcohol is big-ticket in Ibiza, decidedly in the big nightclubs so lay off the booze to accumulate costs down. In a cool clubs like absent-mindedness apprehend to pay up to 10euro for a beer, it's not hasty you rarely see queues at the bar in Ibiza clubs!


Sun Shining Turkey Holidays

Turkey Holidays: The reason for vacation is nothing but pleasure. For some people pleasure would mean lying next to the blue waters on the white sand and relaxing. The others would like to walk the streets to see the market and the buildings around. However, there are some who are fascinated with the historical events attached to a particular location.

  turkey beach - sun holidays

They find pleasure in wondering in the ruins. Well, if you are someone who can relate to enjoying the ruins and appreciating the magnificence of the remains of the evidence from the past � Turkey is the place to be. The top destinations to be visited in Turkey would be de and Olu Deniz. However, if you are takingup Turkey Holidays with a hidden agenda of enjoying the ruins and archeological sites the top destinations would change for you.

Following are places which would interest you in case you are only interested in the historical aspect of Turkey �

Kaputas beach Kalkan- the scene of this golden beach become beautiful when waves struck against the rocks.

Sarigerme- it is a lovely sendy beach hidden in the pine lining the coast.

Oludeniz � it is the most beautiful place in turkey. It is a best place for water sports.

People can also visit the mountains. In June and august people like to go on expedition.

The Besparmak Mountains- are national reserves and are of interest to nature lover�s hikers and photographer.

Saklikent � gorge is a romantic spot where you can relax by fast flowing snow-melt water.

Turkey is the country where you can do all what you can imagine. You can do paraglide over Dead Sea, scuba diving, river rafting, and yachting in the blue coastal line, hot air ballooning, mountaineering and hunting in national park of turkey. You can plat golf, ski on the mountains, explore caves, visit hot spring and spas, view the wild life and green plateaus of turkey.

Shopping in turkey has own enjoyment. Shopping provide you a lot of unique and beautiful crafts. Shopping will be most satisfying because it will provide you the experience as well as possession of beautiful thing in the world.

Most famous places in turkey are grand bazaar of Istanbul. It was built by sultan Mehmet. It covered 65 streets and 3300 shops. In this way journey to turkey will memorable.

Knowing about these historical destinations in Turkey would help you pick a package which includes all or the most attractive historical destinations mentioned above. Have fun!

Cheap Cyprus Holidays


Paphos is the beautiful south west coastal city located in Cyprus. It is the capital of the Paphos district. It is one of the most popular tourist spots that are situated in the region and each year there are thousands of people who visit the spot. Paphos is divided into two parts: Old Paphos and New Paphos. Today, most of the people reside in New Paphos. Old Paphos is now known as Kouiklia.

 Nea Pafos, Ancient Columns   Cyprus

Archaeologists have discovered that the place was occupied since the Neolithic period. There have been found traces of human civilization that date back to the period. Paphos has been the capital of the island during the times of Greco-Romans and was an important center. It is also believed that Paphos is the native place of the Goddess Aphrodite, the goddess of beauty and love.


Paphos today is very popular because of the calm, blue sea and the wonderful beaches. It has emerged as one of the most fabulous tourist destinations in the region. The two main quarters of the city are Kato Paphos, which is near the sea and has the best of hotels and restaurants and the other is Ktima, which is the main district and is an important commercial hub. The road that connects the two quarters is the Apostolou Povlou Avenue.


Here in Paphos you can enjoy the sunshine all through the year and you will surely be surprised by the warmth and friendliness of the people. You can relax in the wonderful beaches and also indulge in a lot of water sports while you are on a vacation in the place. The scenery is mesmerizing during the spring season, with flowers all around. Autumn is the season for exploring the historical places that dot the region. During winter, which lasts for a very short period, you can wear your sports shoes and try out a game of tennis or golf.


You will get everything here in Paphos to make your holiday a memorable one. From the best of food to wine, sports like tennis and golf, restaurants and pubs, historical places, the nature and above all some of the best beaches, you have it all here. The remains of the Roman Governor�s palace have popularized the place and are a must-see for every tourist. It has been recognized by the UNESCO as a world heritage site.


Every leading airline has flights to Paphos. It is well connected to the rest of the region by road and air. It is also not a problem at all to around the place. There are many buses and taxis that will help you explore the place. There are ample accommodation facilities in the region and you are sure to find a comfortable place to stay while you are there. You can also visit the many eatreis that dot the region and sample some of the best local and international fare.

 Paphos has a lot for every tourist and if you are looking to have an enjoyable break, you should definitely head to Paphos.


In the UK, thousands of people have already booked flights, hotels and entire packages at cheaper prices using comparison sites. It is perfectly normal to be a little skeptical about these online services, however.

The usual problem is that people don't know how exactly to use the comparison sites and thus they don't get to enjoy the benefits. These sites are like search engines, but only for holidays or for the elements that make these. Providers frequently use these to advertise their best deals, while the sites let users browse and compare these deals.

Let us have a word now about the best known holiday comparison sites in the UK:


Sunshine Holidays (

Sunshine works incredibly fast � not only that the holidays are 100% bookable online, but the client gets the confirmation immediately. The company is a member of ABTA and the prices are guaranteed. Plus, if you find a better deal, they will refund you the difference. The site lets you book everything cheaper: the flight, the hotel, the transfers and even the airport parking.

In terms of accommodation diversity, this scores really well: you may even book self-catering houses and apartments in the chosen destination. There have never been any hidden charges with Sunshine holidays. Also, if you are running late and you missed the vacation booking season, you can still catch a good deal here. This is definitely a friendly site for the late vacationers. provides enough badges and guarantees that your holidays are on safe hands and you can go ahead and make a booking.


Holidays in the Sun (

With UK's Holidays in the Sun, the price is guaranteed and you can have access to a lot of freebies. It has specialised in European breaks but also has some fantastically cheap offers for local holidays in Britain. There are simply thousands of available deals, which make it a very rich and useful site to compare and buy from. Excellent for booking off-season vacations as well.

Moreover, if you want to catch the advantageous early deals (and we mean the very early ones), you can go have a look at the 2015 offer. This means you can have a look ahead and see what's in store for the next year and catch those amazing early deals. The site is in no way restrictive � it has plenty of offers for any month of the year.


Just Sunshine (

Just Sunshine focuses on flights, accommodation and whole packages. Tourists who are primarily interested in booking Turkey or Tunisia holidays are most fond of this site. It has an impressive palette when it comes to turkey resorts actually. It surely goes beyond the over-popular and crowded ones, revealing some hidden gems at the Mediterranean Sea. The flights are ATOL protected.

The site allows for holiday flexibility and offers an overall high-quality service. You can customise the service and even find the most appropriate family packages. Children, honeymoon couples, golfers and other special categories find specially tailored deals through this site. If you have any particular request, the staff will be pleased to address it.


Sun Master Holidays (

Sun Master offers some well written resort guides, providing all the needed info and advice. We were surprised to find here an incredible selection of African holidays, which is usually rare to find and, when you do find such offer, they are all overpriced. For a quick selection, you can go straight to the 'Deal of the week' section on the website. It is very easy to browse the offers. Moreover, it is simple to compare them and to see how these score. If you wish to make multiple selections and review your best options later, you can save the deals you are interested in.

Recently updated, this is a user-friendly site that covers the whole world in terms of cheap touristic offers and is constantly growing. You will always find newly added names on the Resorts page.


In these short reviews we have gathered some of the reasons why you should trust these comparison sites. After all, they have been providing thousands of customers, year after year, with their dream holidays. It is always the wisest to go for these trusted, tried and tested services which have been often reviewed. Other options may cost you time and, ultimately money.

Avoid spending your precious resources on carrying out long, inefficient searches by yourself. Also, don't just stick with a travel agency and take whatever it offers, hoping the price would be a fair one. When you use comparison sites, not only that you can see which provider has the better deals, but you will actually find even greater advantages. The holiday costs can be reduces with as much as 50%. There is a good reason why these sites have been around for year and why people keep on using them.