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Icelolly Holidays Vs Teletext - The Hunt for the Best Bargains Online 2016

Ice lolly Holidays ( and Teletext Holidays ( are among the two most popular holiday comparison sites in the UK. They have grown in reputation thanks to the many British holidaymakers that have had their desires satisfied by them. From economical to lavish travelers and everyone else in between, these two holiday resources have proved to be most practical places to start. They assemble all the fantastic holiday deals available online and populate them in one place. With intuitive layouts, they list out holiday deals from hundreds of destinations across the world in a way that is easy for you to find.

An annual escape to a place far, far away is recommended to pretty much everyone. With life bestowing so many responsibilities upon us, it only makes sense that you take a respite once in a while to be with yourself, your spouse or your family. A getaway restores your capacities to handle everyday life. It gifts you with memories you can draw from when you feel like the delights of this life have eluded you. It allows you the chance to reflect on your purpose as you let go of all your pressing worries as you enjoy each moment. A sunny escape is in many ways renewing, and it is only until you experience one that you truly understand how life changing it can be.

Holiday Planning and Deals 2016

 One of the hardest parts of holidaying is the planning process. An excruciatingly involving process, there are a lot of steps that go into preparing for that perfect sojourn. Many variables have to be considered, and the entirety of planning is downright overpowering to some.

Cheap package Holiday Deals

All inclusive Holidays teletext holidays


You have to arrange for the perfect flight, book the ideal hotel, arrange for your transportation once you arrive at your destination, plan an itinerary of your activities and craft up a suitable budget. Planning for each of these and other components in isolation is overwhelming, and it dampens what should otherwise be an enthusing experience. Thankfully though, you do not have to endure through the tribulation of figuring out each aspect of your travel plan, when you can get access to assistive resources that can lend a hand.

Booking with Teletext Holidays: The True Potential of This Travel Site

 Let us start with the fact that Teletext Holidays Direct has been on the market for more than 20 years. Thus, one can easily figure out that it is a trusted place for finding cheap holidays. Not only that these are low priced, but actually provide value for money. In other words, cheap here does not mean a compromise in service or quality. Keep your expectations at a high level.
Teletext Holidays Direct
TeletextHolidaysDirect.Co.Uk offers a most extensive range of flights, cruises and accommodation for the bargain hunters, as well as for those in search of a last-minute deal. The site gets over 200,000 monthly visits. As a travel brand, Teletext Holidays has been long-lived and enduring. It has built a solid reputation that clients now trust and see as a guarantee. The team and the software involved ensure the needed security throughout the booking process.
The Teletext customers feel that every segment of their holiday is in good hands, at every stage of the booking process. Considering the existing statistics, people mostly use it for booking trips to Turkey, Egypt or Spain, but also to locations on the other side of the planet. It is a rare destination finder and much more. It gets you important discounts, starting at 10%.
This is the place where you can safely book a journey to Venezuela, for example. What it works best with, though, is the all-inclusive market. This is also the most popular one with tourists, since it lets them maker an upfront payment for all the basics.
Teletext Holiday is also known through its friendly and truly professional travel agents – or more like travel experts.
Teletext Holidays Late Deals
Use Teletext Holidays when you are up for a last-minute escape. Being late surely makes it difficult to start browsing through the hundreds of confusing deals from the many travel agencies out there. You now have a chance at actually comparing the still available deals. Even though this may be rushed and may feel like a compromise, one can still browse through their favourite destinations, even those they feel they are seriously late and will not get a good deal – or any deal at all for the desired resort or route.
The website grants access to sunny shore destinations, vacations for families, even nice romantic escapes for couples. You can opt for a week's stay or a weekend getaway. Also, you may enjoy a quick departure from one of the many available regional airports in the UK.
Check the amazing section of the 5-star luxury late deals to sign up quickly for tourist heavens like the Canaries, Kos, Turkey resorts or the Caribbean. It doesn't have to be only the budget traveller to go on late-date holidays. Also, you won't have to break a bank to get that luxury package.
Teletext Flights
If you are planning your journey independently and all-inclusive packages are not your thing, you know you should start ahead of time and give yourself some good months to do the flight hunt. However, if what you ant is a packaged holiday or a late deal, search your flight tickets with Teletext. It is a favourite travel company for many, 100% safe to use.
It is fairly easy to obtain low fares on popular routes, but if you're on time you may also secure a splendid deal for long-haul destinations. Teletext agents will also take care of car hire, transfers and travel insurance.
Join the millions of tourists who have already gotten their dream trip through this site. With Teletext, every purchased holiday is protected by ATOL.


Teletext or Icelolly Holidays All Inclusive

 The summer season is here again and it’s yet another rollercoaster: hot and cold, sunny and rainy. It’s time to take a week or two off, and enjoy something more stable than this perhaps. It does not take much of an effort to see that the Teletext Holidays website is the gateway to loads of cheap stunning holidays for the summer, and not only. The site provides accommodation, hotels, cruises, flight tickets and even all-inclusive packages.

 Because buying an all-inclusive holiday is still a growing trend, you may want to know what exactly goes into it and why people tend to stop at Teletext Holiday or Icelolly  to book their trip.


The All-Inclusive Attraction Factors

There are solid reasons why travellers prefer to buy this way. First of all, they know everything upfront and can pay for it all before the departure. This makes for a huge relief. Anything else they may need at the destination will only translate to a small expense, because all the basics were already included. These count the hotel room, the transport, all the meals and the necessary drinks. Depending on the resort, the deal may include spa sessions, sauna, sports etc. Here is one very important aspect of all-inclusive holidays: usually, the further away your destination is, the more your package will include. Therefore, visiting islands in the Indian Ocean may provide you with more treats than a European all-inclusive holiday


Benefits of Holiday Comparison Sites

One facet of the travel industry that has blossomed is that of holiday comparing sites. These dedicated online resources have become the bridge between holidaymakers and their perfect holidays. By bringing all the information to one central place, these sites have grown to become a desirable convenience for all those looking to get away.
These save you both time and money, and reward you with all the information you need to make your holiday a success. Whether you are looking for a simple city break, a cruise, or an amazing stag or hen party abroad, or refreshing beach holidays these sites provide everything you need to materialize your particular dream.

Icelolly Holidays

Having been in the industry for well over a decade, it is safe to say that Icelolly is one of the most experienced companies that can help you to locate your inexpensive holiday deal. Millions of Brits credit their successful sunny escapes to the resourcefulness of this comparison site.

Established with the end goal of helping travelers search and compare deals on everything from package holidays to flights and hotels, Icelolly has achieved its visions, if the heartfelt reviews of happy customers are anything to go by.

With over 40 different advertisers making their best, most aggressive offers on the site, you are guaranteed of finding the holiday which appeals to your unique person.

The website is intuitively designed. The layout is uncomplicated, and the flexible search options let you assume total control over every aspect of your travel plan. You can initiate the search from the type of holiday you have in mind, or the particular destination you want, and take it from there. The options offered are really elaborate. You can skim through the holiday offerings by the type of hotel included in the package, including its star rating, the duration of your stay, and the airport from which you wish to depart.

Alternatively, you could opt for a packaged holiday deal that is inclusive of both flight and accommodation plans. There are beach holidays, all inclusive holidays as well as family, Disney, and self catering holidays among many others. The destinations covered by Icelolly holidays are spread over five continents.

Teletext Holidays

Having built an enviable status as one of the most trustworthy UK travel brands, Teletext Holidays, to many Brits, needs no introduction. It is the travel comparison site built on the conviction that you and your family or spouse can get away for less. For over 20 years, the brand has strived to realize that goal. And for most of that time, it has.

Many travelers can speak of how Teletext Holidays facilitated their fun-filled escapes to the sunnier shores of Marmaris in Turkey, or how it enabled a romantic getaway to the Caribbean for a few passionate nights of passion.


Teletext Holidays boasts a nicely elaborate site. You can find everything from late budget deals and last minute holidays to all inclusive holidays in the most popular tourist resorts across the world. It is a feat that the company has achieved thanks to the elaborate network of suppliers it has established over the years.

The brand aims to do more than just help you find an inexpensive deal for you. It hopes to give you the peace of mind that is so hard to come by when you are planning for a trip outside the country. It aspires to assure you of your security so that you can have the most memorable experiences. It strives to ensure that the concerns and uncertainties that come with holiday planning are all taken away.

Similar to, you can browse through the listings posted on based on different search criteria such as the destination, the airport you want to depart from, the departure date, the length of your stay, and your company (spouse or children).

All Inclusive Teletext Holidays and Late Deals

 If you are late and everyone else was not as lazy or confused about booking their holidays this year, you don’t have to be ‘punished’ by paying extra. To shatter this belief, have a look at the Deals section on TeletextHolidays.Co.Uk. If you are quick enough, you can be the next happy tourist to enjoy a stay at a 3-, 4- or 5-star hotel in Morocco or Greece, or in popular resorts like Fuerteventura, Ibiza, Marmaris or Marbella resorts. These are the deals of the moment and they are all-inclusive.


Everything we mentioned and many more such holidays have prices around £300 with Teletext Holidays. If you can afford to spend a few extra hu8ndreds, you can secure a fantastic trip to Barbados, to Florida, Thailand, Mexico or Dubai. All-inclusive holidays are the response to the recession. This is the way to get amazing holidays without breaking the bank!

Teletext Holidays creates the convenience of bringing all your groundwork into one place. You can find your flight, book your hotel and pay for everything expediently without having to individually pay for each of these.

The Essence of Comparing Holidays

While holidays are, by definition, extravagant indulgences, you do not have to spend a fortune in the process. As a hardworking individual, you are entitled to some pleasures. A sojourn is one of the best ways to reward the efforts you put in day-to-day in your career or business. And although you will end up spending a significant amount on your escape, the figure doesn’t have to be astronomical. Travel comparison sites ensure that you keep the expenditure low. This is the purpose upon which they were built.

Teletext Holidays and Icelolly  endeavor to help you find the best holiday bargain deals, as it has previously been asserted. Their intention is to help you offset some of the costs of getting away by helping you locate the best money-saving deals available.

Sure, you could decide to find the deals individually by browsing through the internet, but that is far too time consuming. Besides, the guarantee that you will get the advertised deal is not always given when the party you are dealing with is unknown. That is why dedicated comparison sites exist. They have that elusive virtue of trust. When you are travelling outside your country, this is the only reassurance you need that everything will unfold well.

What Holiday Comparison Sites Aren’t

Some holidaymakers confuse travel comparison sites with travel sites, but there is a stark difference between the two. Whereas travel agents sell actual packages and are entirely responsible for each product (flight, hotel) holiday comparison sites basically make you aware of the deals that are available. Each of the products is fulfilled by a different party.

Travel holiday sites are simply platforms that travel agents use to advertise their bargain offerings. However, the sites do ascertain that the package holidays and flights will all be executed as they have been advertised, regardless of the different suppliers involved.

Customer Service on Teletext Holidays and Icelolly Holidays

Teletext Holidays and Icelolly Holidays both have trained customer service staff that can help you offset any worries you might have. If you need to confirm your reservations, or inquire about anything, there are people always waiting to help you.

The travel industry is sometimes a fickle one, admittedly, and having a robust customer service department makes all the difference. Teletext and Icelolly both realize this importance, and have staff waiting to address any concerns. So when you find a deal that costs more than advertised, you can contact them to have the issue elaborated.

Customer Reviews

Having been in the industry for quite a while now, both Teletext and Icelolly have served millions of holidaymakers since their time of inception. Some of these have been keen to share their experiences with the companies as any cursory internet search will reveal.

For Icelolly, the experience has been great for most travelers. The abundance of the destinations covered has been lauded, while the competitiveness of the prices has been equally praised. For instance, some users find their deals to Tenerife are by far the cheapest you can find. This has been echoed by many other customers who find Icelolly holidays are considerably cheaper than what other similar sites offer.

From the flights to the accommodations, the customers have articulated their satisfaction. Suffice it to say, Icelolly Holidays has in many instances, met the expectations of its customers, if not surpassed them.

For Teletext Holidays, most of the views expressed are similar. There are many holidaymakers who have had their dreams of escapes to sunnier shores fulfilled by the company. There is not much to say of the holiday deals the company has, since most people are inclined to making savings. But for the last minute holidays, there has been a general customer satisfaction with both the customer service, and the accuracy of the prices listed on the website.

Some Customer Opinions from Holiday Forums and Review Sites:

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Some Impartial Advice

For those who have found the experiences with either Teletext or Icelolly to be less than ideal, the dissatisfaction could arise from the suppliers of the individual products, and not from the companies themselves. As purely advertising platforms, both Teletext Holidays and Icelolly Holidays are not directly involved in fulfilling the products. As such, an unprecedented occurrence, such as a hotel being overbooked is a fault of the hotel itself for advertising an offer it cannot met. Nonetheless, both companies encourage you to contact them in such cases, so that your cases can be resolved to the mutual satisfaction of all parties involved.

Sometimes the prices listed on bargains are exclusive of such costs as baggage charges or transfers. You should have some amount for such contingencies. Given the money that the two holiday sites make you, these trivial expenditures should hardly be upsetting.

It helps if you can ensure that the kind of holiday deal you are considering taking advantage of checks out. A little research time is all you need to dedicate to ascertain that there won’t be any hiccups in your getaway.

Icelolly Holidays and Teletext Holidays for all Your Travel Needs

So far, these two holiday comparison sites have proved to be abundantly helpful in creating perfect service to the Brits. If you are new to travel, you should take advantage of them. Besides the many holiday deals that they bring together conveniently just for you, they have a lot to offer in terms of holiday advice and ideas.

If you have no clue where your next escape will take you to, the sites will play a catalytic role in helping you decide. A lot of inspiring ideas are shared, together with a few holiday advices that you will find indispensible.

Found this blog post to be exciting, informative, or simply a good read? Tell us all about it in the comments. Share with your friends and let them learn from what it has to teach. We endeavor to help Brits find the best holiday bargains and doing so will help us accomplish our purpose.