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By Susan Jones  06 Jun 2014

Don't Run Away from Travel Agents – Ways to Save Money through Them

Individual tourism has surely been on the rise. With the Internet expansion and supremacy, people have found it very easy to take the matter of travelling into their own hands. It quickly became more attractive and a lot easier to just book flights and hotels online, along with purchasing all the other necessary things: health insurance, transport connections etc.

Still, if you compare directly purchased holidays with the packages bought from travel agents, you may find a surprising difference. It can be a lot cheaper to book through an agent.

Here are the reasons why the price will be in your favour. First of all, agents are well aware of all the deals available and the systems they use give them access to all of these. Secondly, service providers like hotels, spas, airlines etc. often make agreements with travel agencies. Thus they can secure a range of very advantageous deals.

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Package Holidays versus Do-It-Yourself

First you will have to decide which type is right for you. You can't really save unless you get this right. Packages may contain everything you will need to get to your destination and to stay there for the designated period. When you book by yourself, you will have to put all that effort into searching each item on the list (flight, hotel...) individually. Even then, you will not be sure whether it's the best price available or not.

If you are going for a 7, 10 or 14-day trip, you have the chance to get the best deals through travel agents. The same goes for popular destinations.

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In case your destination is rather unusual or unpopular, you are better off booking by yourself. Do the same if your journey involves two or more destinations/stops.

The destinations that we recommend, and the companies that we praise, have all been chosen specifically for their budget prices and high quality service. You shouldn’t need to spend thousands of pounds to enjoy a holiday abroad, and we understand that. We hope that you will find our website useful, and that you will have an amazing holiday. 

Time of Booking

If you are late, you may not catch any affordable deals by yourself. Because travel agencies have secured their deals and provide fixed packages, your delay may simply mean nothing – you will get the package you want for a cheap price. This may limit your choices, though. Also, agencies may want to sell their remaining packages quickly, and so they will drop the price. So, to book late, try 8 weeks or, if it's a hot summer destination, even 1 week prior to departure. Moreover, season endings represent yet another excellent time to travel cheaper.

Early booking – as early as 9 months – also works. Check travel brochures to benefit of reduced costs for the early bird.


Haggling cannot happen online. When you speak to a travel agent, you get to add or subtract options, modify itineraries and other things that make up your trip. The more flexible the service, the cheaper it can get. When you book online, you can't enjoy this flexibility.

The key to important savings is to check more than one travel agent. Thus you can compare the existing deals. The tips we have provided here work even for the late vacationers.

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